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The NetComm NB5 revision 2units do work with Vista through a USB connection. NetComm were one of the first vendors to have USB vista drivers available after the release of Vista, and a link to the drivers has been on our homepage since the day after Vista was launched. The mscomm32.ocx driver uses the command 'input' to capture input data where NETcomm.ocx driver uses 'inputdata' to capture the same data. Note: as stated before, this example is tailored to the first time Visual Basic for applications user, but the information is useful for the advanced user that is unfamiliar with serial port control. NetComm Limited, ABN 85 002 490 486. PO Box 1200, Lane Cove NSW 2066 Australia. PHONE (02) 9424 2070. FAX (02) 9424 2010. [email protected] Supports ADSL, ADSL-2, upgradable to ADSL-2+. Advanced Security Firewall (SPI) and VPN pass-through Fast, safe and versatile ADSL Modem Router with both USB and Ethernet. Download ming wah lohan high drivers. USB Network Adapter. USB Network Adapter - Packet Scheduler Miniport.In our share libs contains the list of Net.

Netcomm Nb5 Usb Driver Vga

I have hooked up my Netcomm NB5+ modem via USB to my linux box to configure it (it is currently configured in bridge mode). Usually this is hooked up to my windows machine but after an upgrade to windows 7 this was found to not have a working driver anywhere).
The default IP for the netcomm NB5+ is
I get the following on hotplug:
Jul 9 10:32:25 mail kernel: usb 2-9: new full speed USB device using address 3
Jul 9 10:32:25 mail kernel: usb 2-9: configuration #2 chosen from 2 choices
Jul 9 10:32:25 mail kernel: eth2: register usbnet at usb-0000:00:02.0-9, CDC Ethernet Device
and I issue:
% ifconfig eth2 inet netmask
% route add -net netmask gateway dev eth2
Which gives me the following entry in my routing table:
Destination Gateway Genmask Flags MSS Window irtt Iface UG 0 0 0 eth2
I check an arping:
% arping -I eth2
ARPING from eth2
Unicast reply from [00:30:0A:44:8A:7F] 11.751ms
Unicast reply from [00:30:0A:44:8A:7F] 10.124ms
Unicast reply from [00:30:0A:44:8A:7F] 9.318ms
Unicast reply from [00:30:0A:44:8A:7F] 8.509ms
Unicast reply from [00:30:0A:44:8A:7F] 7.701ms
Yet I cannot ping at all..
Any suggestions?