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Blender 3D models ready to view, buy, and download for free. The Atmel AT89S52 is an 8051 based Full Static CMOS controller with Three-Level Program Memory Lock, 32 I/O lines, 3 Timers/Counters, 8 Interrupts Sources, Watchdog Timer, 2 DPTRs, 8K Flash Memory, 256 Bytes On-chip RAM.

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Minato Electronisc Driver

On a core of Toshiba semiconductors, MINATOHAMA maximizes the tremendous product and technical support capabilities of Toshiba Semiconductor & Storage Products Company in a wide range of domains, like consumer, industrial and automotive, in order to assist our customers in the further development of their business. We are also most focused on increasing sales in the strategic growth areas that Toshiba aims at, in particular to customers in the energy sector, the field of LED lighting, and the medical field.



General-purpose logic ICs

Optical semiconductors

Drivers for general-purpose linear IC power supply



Sensors and video terminals

Memory storage devices

LCDs (TN, STN and TFT) and Touch Panels

Minato electronics driver training

With a diverse lineup of touch panels, from standard to custom products, from a variety of liquid crystals and resistive films to different electrostatic capacitance, MINATOHAMA responds to the various requests of customers with products from both domestic and foreign manufacturers.
CDs: Monochrome/Color/Segment/Character/Dot matrix TN/STN/DSTN/FSTN/TFT
Touch Panels: Matrix resistive films/Analog resistive films/Electrostatic capacitance

Minato Electronics Driver Jobs




Touch panels

Capacitors and Electronic Components

Minato Electronics Inc

Mobile port devices driver download for windows 8.1. MINATOHAMA provides components from various manufacturers that are essential to substrate production, like capacitors, batteries and fuses, making it possible for us to propose solutions based on products that fit the diverse request of customers.
Capacitors/Coin batteries/Batteries/FUSE/Battery packs.

Minato Electronisc Driver

Minato Electronics Touch Panel Driver

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Multilayer ceramic capacitors

Ceramic varistors


Minato Electronics Driver Training

  • People Creating the Future

    As a specialized technology trading company, MINATOHAMA aims to achieve a more affluent tomorrow for all through proposals that will bring greater advancement and efficiency to all industries.

  • Environmental Equipment

    From the design of environmental facilities to their construction and maintenance
    MINATOHAMA offers strong support for your equipment through our integrated service and reliable technology.

  • Industrial Equipment

    Solutions in the field of manufacturing.
    MINATOHAMA leads the times in labor savings, energy savings, and safety, as we challenge our advanced expertise with even new technology.

  • Electronic Devices

    Equipped with a wide-ranging lineup from both Japan and overseas, MINATOHAMA proposes integrated total solutions from technical support to after-sales service.

  • Systems-Related Equipment

    MINATOHAMA offers technology backed by the absolute confidence and experience that we have accumulated over many years. This includes the efficient and stable supply of products to facilities whose aim is to deliver such commodities as 'heat' and 'electricity'.