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Aug 31, 2015 With the APP Medion Life Security you have the possibility to access the MD 87009 surveillance camera from anywhere. You can receive the live stream of the MD 87009 and so see what the cameras. MEDION is a leading Gaming Laptop and Desktop manufacturer under the Lenovo group offering high spec machines with the latest NVIDIA graphics cards with Intel processors. Drivers information center.


Answers: Hold down the Fn button and press the button with a camera symbol (its F9 on mine) at the same time. The camera symbol at the bottom right of the screen should show a white circle rather than a red cross. This means it is switched on. It bugged me for weeks!!

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With a photo or video camera from the MEDION® portfolio, you can preserve your treasured experiences for eternity and relive them anytime you want - whether it is your child growing up, a magical vacation or just a great evening with your friends. We offer a large variety of digital cameras and camcorders, so you will surely find the perfect model to suit your needs - action-cameras to record videos during sports and recreation, compact photo cameras for spontaneous snapshots or full-fledged digital cameras for brilliant pictures in high-definition. MEDION® also offers accessories, for example a convenient bracelet remote and a head strap for your action-camcorder.