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The Nova LXD project provides a Nova driver for managing full system containers using LXD as part of an OpenStack cloud.

Manual installation - Ubuntu server (Ubuntu 16.04 and newer)¶

Nova LXD is available in Ubuntu 16.04 and newer; The Nova LXD driver is installed on Nova Compute servers only:

Install LXD Gaming Optical Mouse driver for Windows 7 x64, or download DriverPack Solution software for automatic driver installation and update. LXD Driver LXD is a daemon which provides a REST API to drive LXC containers. Containers are lightweight OS-level Virtualization instances, they behave like Virtual Machines but don’t suffer from hardware emulation processing penalties by sharing the kernel with the host. Each stage prepare, run, and cleanup will use this script to generate variables that are used throughout the scripts. It’s important that this script is located in the same directory as the other scripts, in this case /opt/lxd-driver/. LXD Series: Discussion about the Meade LXD series of telescopes. Including the LXD 55, LXD 75, LXD 650 and LXD 750.

The 'nova-lxd' package ensures that the nova-compute daemon is startedwith the correct hypervisor driver for LXD; however the 'nova' user musthave group membership of the 'lxd' group to have access to manage LXDcontainers:

In order to support migration of containers between Compute hosts, LXD must be configured to listen for networkconnections and a trust password must be set:

Hp laptops & desktops driver download. Each Nova LXD instance within your deployment must then be configured with remotes for all of Nova LXD instances:

Automated deployment using Juju¶

Deploying OpenStack is a complex process, for which a number of deployment tools exist; Juju provides a nice wayto deploy OpenStack on Ubuntu, and a specific bundle of charms can be used to deploy OpenStack cloud using LXD.

The bundle automatically configures storage for containers root filesystems using LVM and sets up appropriate network configuration,trust passwords and remotes to support migration of containers between LXD hypervisors.

LXD images for OpenStack¶

LXD requires use of 'raw' images that are generally to be installed onto a block device, such as a disk partition or an LVM volume. Canonical publishes raw images of Ubuntu for various arches (arm64, armhf, i386, amd64, ppc64el). These can be imported similarly to the following example, that imports an amd64 Ubuntu trusty image:

Creating containers¶

Lxd driver guide

LXD containers are managed in the same manner as KVM containers - either via Horizon or via the Nova CLI:


Lxd Nvidia.driver.capabilities

You may need to associate a floating ip address and configure appropriate security rules, depending on the network andsecurity configuration of the OpenStack cloud you are using.

I'm trying to add nova-lxd driver to my openstack installation on centos.

Lcd Driver Pdf

I've installed nova-lxd from pip, and specified compute_driver=nova.virt.lxd.driver in nova config. However, openstack-nova-compute daemon fails with error:

Lcd Driver Mcu

2016-11-10 12:58:12.313 16585 TRACE nova.virt.driver File '/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nova/openstack/common/importutils.py', line 52, in import_object_ns2016-11-10 12:58:12.313 16585 TRACE nova.virt.driver return import_class(import_str)(args, *kwargs)2016-11-10 12:58:12.313 16585 TRACE nova.virt.driver File '/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nova/openstack/common/importutils.py', line 27, in import_class2016-11-10 12:58:12.313 16585 TRACE nova.virt.driver __import__(mod_str)2016-11-10 12:58:12.313 16585 TRACE nova.virt.driver File '/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nova/virt/lxd/__init__.py', line 1, in <module>2016-11-10 12:58:12.313 16585 TRACE nova.virt.driver from nova.virt.lxd import driver2016-11-10 12:58:12.313 16585 TRACE nova.virt.driver File '/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nova/virt/lxd/driver.py', line 31, in <module>2016-11-10 12:58:12.313 16585 TRACE nova.virt.driver import nova.conf2016-11-10 12:58:12.313 16585 TRACE nova.virt.driver ImportError: No module named conf

So where I should look for problem? Or how I should add lxd driver to nova, when binary package is not available?

Lxd Driver Reviews

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