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  • 1 Reasons Why You Want to Play Mobile Legends on PC
  • 3 How to Play Mobile Legends on a PC or Laptop Without Lag (100% Works)
    • 3.2 How to Set Mouse & Keyboard Mobile Legends in NoxApp Player
  • 5 Bonus: Recommended Android Emulator for Mobile Legends Besides NoxApp Player

Reasons Why You Want to Play Mobile Legends on PC

Indeed Mobile Legends is a mobile game that is intended to play on a smartphone or tablet, both based on Android and iOS.

Legend Laptops For Gaming

But it turns out there are also some of you who want to play Mobile Legends on PC for several reasons, such as:


1. Let me feel like playing Dota 2

For those of you who are looking for a side besides playing Dota 2 on a PC, indeed Mobile Legends can be an outlet. Simple controls with simple gameplay might be your reason.

Now some people who play Mobile Legends on PC also want to continue to experience Dota 2 by using controls in the form of mouse and keyboard, guys.

Aside from being easier, it certainly won’t miss you when you tap the smartphone screen, right?

2. Live Streaming is better

Well if the reason for this one is usually for those of you who want to live streaming games on YouTube or other platforms.

Usually, Mobile Legends YouTubers play on PC more often to get some benefits.

For example, such as an internet connection is better and without lag when running various programs at once.

Minimum PC or Laptop Specifications for Playing Mobile Legends

After knowing the reason why you want to play Mobile Legends on a PC, now you must know the specifications of a minimum PC or laptop that you must have.

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Oh yes, this is so that you are more comfortable playing without nagging disorders. Then what are the minimum specifications? Check the details below!

Legend Laptops Vs

SpecificationMobile Legends: Bang Bang
Operating systemWindows 7/8/10 (Latest Service Pack)
The CPUMultiple core processor, support VT-x or AMD-V Virtualization Technology
VGASupport Open GL 2.0 or higher performance
Hard Disk1.5GB
AdditionalStable internet connection