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Software solutions: Virtual smart cards Soft certificates Soft OTP generators (on PC or on mobile phones) Software-only hardening techniques Basic OTPs, C&R OTPs: Scratch list s Basic OTP tokens (single button, time-based, etc.) Grid cards SMS OTP: It can be bounded to transaction data on banks side, but bank can not be sure who prepared.

  1. Kobil Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Drivers
  2. Kobil Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver
  1. KOBIL is offering for trial and proof of concept setups a infrastructure in the cloud. This allows our partners and clients easily to verify the integration efforts on their side. To reduce the efforts we provide a ready to use infrastruture including server instance, SOAP API and dedicated apps.
  2. The Kobil device is a few years old, so I cannot complain about a short life time. The ReinerSCT ones were used only 1-2 times yet, so I cannot say anything about lifetime. Of course, you have to exchange the battery after some years, but FP2 users should be familiar with that.

All Mobile Phone Brands in Sri Lanka


Latest Mobile Price List 2021

Product NamePrice
Nokia 5.4 128GBRs. 40,500
Nokia 5.4 6GB RAMRs. 42,000
Nokia 5.4Rs. 42,000
Vivo V20 SERs. 50,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 512GBRs. 254,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GBRs. 249,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5GRs. 240,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G 256GBRs. 217,000
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5GRs. 200,000
Samsung Galaxy S21Rs. 170,500
Oppo A15 3GB RAMRs. 26,500
Oppo A15Rs. 26,900

we secure your identity and more.


We Secure Your Identity

7 MrdTransactions
per year
All over theWorld

PSD2 compliant and easy to use

“We decided for German IT-security specialist KOBIL because they perfectly meet our high expectations towards security, flexibility and usability”

Perfectly matched for retail banking

The PSD2 directive from the EBA focuses on end consumer protection

Protects individuals through unified and modernised security standards

Secure payment for online credit card and debit card transactions


Always leading the state of the art technology

Compliance of the mIDentity Application Security Technology (mAST) by KOBIL with the requirements of European Banking Authority (EBA) RTS corresponding to Article 98 of the PSD2.

In the network of research institutions


Hype Cycle for Risk Management, 2017
Market Guide for User Authentication, 2017
Market Guide for Application Shielding, 2018
Hype Cycle for Endpoint and Mobile Security, 2018
Hype Cycle for Application Security, 2018


Cash Management Transaction Security

SWIFT SEPA and other transaction signatures tuned and optimized for the needs of corporate customers


Multichannel & More

Optimally tuned for the integration and requirement of wealth management banks and their existing core banking systems (such as Avaloq, Temenos, Olympic and many more)


From mobile payment to own Eco-System

Not just another mobile payment method, but a real added value for customer loyalty


Secure digital identities thought through (e.g. for IoT)

The smartphone as a digital key for accessing the parcel box of DHL.

All digital identities in the world of 'Internet of Things'
One Technology, Real Multiplatform (Smartphone Tablet Desktop)

App Security


QR Code


Optional Offline
Biometry Behavior


Out of Band


Fraud Alerting
ATM Security


Document workflow & chat integrated signature processes


Dual 7 Layer of Security

Server checks the client, the Client checks the server

  1. Secure Device Security status of device detect OS, Malware, Device Binding, Rooting & Jailbreaks
  2. Secure App & Web Detect Code Injection, Manipulation App Integrity Signature
  3. Digitanium Channel Own SSL/TLS implementation independent own Trust Store
  4. Smart Security Management Server App, Device, Identity, Certificates (TC), Signature Verification
  5. Virtual Smart Card Independent Key-stores unlocking only by security server encapsulated private key
  6. Trusted Identity Identity becomes a part of the processes.
  7. Digital Signature Private/public key principle Signature based interaction

2-Device Strategy

Mobile device is used as a signature token Mobil Devices

1-Device / 2-App Strategy

Used in parallel to the existing app

1-Device / 1-App Strategy

Will be integrated into an existing app

Process Channel


Provision of software components or operation at a partner

  • Inventx
  • HPE
  • Econis
  • Bankverlag
  • Swisscom
  • T-Systems

Smart Security Management Server (SSMS)

Central security server that ensures a permanent online check of the application security

  • Applications
  • Devices (Smartphone Tablet Desktop)
  • Digital Identity Certificate
  • Digital Signature & Verification
  • Payment Management
  • Push token management
  • Trust Center
  • Risk bits
  • Digitanium Channel Management

Security Connectors

Connection interfaces with backend systems and processes

Kobil Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Drivers

  • Core Banking
  • ADFS
  • LDAP
  • Mail2push
  • OAUTH2
  • 3D-Secure (v2)
  • ACS (Modirum)
  • Windows Login Plugin
Virtual Chip-Card
Security Layer

Whitelabel Security Apps

Customizable apps provided by KOBIL (Mobile Desktop)

  • Trusted Login QR
  • Trusted Verify
  • Trusted Webview

mIDentity Application Security Technology (mAST)

Security package for integration into an existing apps.

  • App Security Shield
  • Web Security Shield
  • App Integration Check
  • Device Binding
  • Virtual Smart Card
  • Certificate Key Store
  • Digitianium Channel


KOBIL technologies enable different variants of onboarding. The SSMS provides the required activation data for the user in the backend. Using SOAP interfaces, this activation data can be collected and sent to the user via various routes.

The activation code can be set on the server side so that it is only valid for a specific time. Further, it is also possible that the activation code is divided into two, so that a split activation can take place.


With our Trusted onboarding technology, we enable integration of existing video onboarding solutions into our technology landscape. The special here is the remote activation after the actual video ID procedure.

We are able to integrate video onboarding into our technology, allowing for an integrated onboarding approach without any interruption in user comfort.


With our Trusted onboarding technology, we enable integration of existing video onboarding solutions into our technology landscape. The special here is the remote activation after the actual selfie-ID procedure.

We are able to integrate face and id recognization onboarding into our technology, allowing for an integrated onboarding approach without any interruption in user comfort.


Our technology is based on the security standard PKI. This can not be just a single identity, but an infinite number.

It does not matter if a user has several different accounts, or on a tablet Desktop the whole family uses a single application to make their business transactions.

Each identity is differentiated from the other and ensures that no connection can be established without the user's appropriate identity.


With Trusted Webview we offer the possibility to integrate an existing website (if this responsive design supports) into an app and make any web communication safe.

We also enable secure authentication and transaction signing within the app, providing the highest levels of security on a single device.

Another advantage is that this technology is used to circumvent costly app development and enable a responsive website easily and quickly on mobile devices.


Trusted Webview is the optimal alternative to a complete native-developed app.

We bind the existing web pages into a web security container and thereby enable an initial authentication and transaction signature within the same app.

Kobil Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver

It meets the highest security standards and of course also offers a multi-user system.


Trusted Webview is the perfect solution for corporate customers (business customers).

The application can be used on a desktop, but also in a terminal or Citrix environment.

It is not necessary to distribute a token or other hardware.

The entry into the respective web pages takes place at any time by means of a multifactor authentication and the transaction signature is also integrated.

Perfectly tailored to the needs of business customers, it meets the highest security standards



You would like to strengthen existing registration by means of a multifactor? With Trusted Login we offer the possibility to add a so-called 2 factor parallel to existing login data and thus to ensure the highest security.

In this case, the registration is delayed until the confirmation has been transmitted to the registered phone.

This process always checks to see if it's the right device with the right app and identity.


Trusted Login via QR Code offers a simplified form of login to your portals. At the same time, no login data has to be stored in the portal itself.

You launch the app that is connected to the SSMS and displays your identity and then scan the QR code that represents the session of the website.

With the scan, the identification is immediately transmitted to the SSMS and the authentication takes place via the backend interfaces, without user intervention.

The switch between App and Web, works with the Mobile System Browser, without any additional intervention


Scanning a QR code on the desktop with a mobile device is not a problem, but with only one device, it gets more complicated. For this we offer the right solution.

Any browser can be used on the device.

The user starts the browser on the desktop and sees a corresponding link to the app on the mobile version. This is thereby started and the authentication triggered identical to the 2-device QR-code login. After successful app identification, the app closes and the browser with the session for the user is called.

Everything without user interaction.


If there is no internet connection during banking, we offer with our offline functionality the possibility of a start authentication.

Kobil Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver

It should be noted that the hardening mechanisms of the Trusted App continue to apply.

The AST App PIN, which is authenticated against the server, will be included in the Trusted OTP in this case, thus enabling server-based PIN authentication even with a One Time Password.



Confirm transactions (transfers) using a smartphone easily.

You can use the functionality of Trusted Verify for this. This receives all transactions to be signed securely transmitted via the AST Digitanium Channels.

Each transaction and its content is signed and confirmed with the user's private key.

The signature verification takes place on the server and is transmitted to the backend systems after a successful check.


If transactions with an unknown recipient and a large amount are transmitted, there is the possibility that the portal via the KOBIL security server checks an additional security query of the identity and thus the authenticity of the user.

This prevents and prompts the user to verify against the security servers of KOBIL again before presenting the content of the transactions.


If there is no internet connection during banking, we offer with our offline functionality the possibility of a strong transaction authorisation.

It should be noted that the hardening mechanisms of the Trusted App continue to apply. The AST App PIN, which is authenticating the user against the server, will be included in the Trusted Verify in this case, thus enabling server-based PIN authentication even with a One Time Password generation. The details of the transaction which will be transmitted via QR-Code is part of the OTP calculation and just allowing to sign the transaction which are generated.


Our smartphone version of Trusted App is also available as a tablet edition.

In landscape mode, we also enable transaction confirmation on a tablet.


Once the desktop version of Trusted Verify is on the system, it is possible to use it for login and transaction confirmation.

The app puts itself in the traybar of the respective system. From the Traybar it is also possible to deposit the corresponding and predefined entry-level website.

Now a message is sent to the desktop app at every login and transaction process and the user can confirm and sign the smartphone solution with just one click



Viewing secure messages in an existing app is relatively easy. But to represent them safely and transmit them safely is the challenge.

For this we have developed a method that allows us to safely transmit the message and display it accordingly.

In the following video, we introduce the method of bank publishing, where the TAN is displayed to authorize transactions in the same app via a secure display.


E-mail is the best way to communicate with your customers. The backend systems already exist, anyone can use it, but it is not safe and companies have taught their customers that e-mail can be potentially dangerous.

We are able to remedy this with our technology.

Everything stays as it is, but with our Email2Push a kind of mail robot is interposed, which takes over the email from the mail server and transmits it via the KOBIL secure Digitanium Channel.

This ensures that the message arrives at the right user and he also confirms receipt immediately with just one click.


Skimming is still a very common attack on users. Although many countries already use Chip & PIN, the proven method of reading the magnetic stripe is still very common.

This is how one knows no longer safe and can be copied by attackers and with very little effort.

One way to protect this is that each payout must always be confirmed by a final release by the user. For this purpose, Core Banking sends a release request to the account holder who must release the payment in the event of a cash-out transaction. If this is done, the ATM process is prefixed.


Do you have multiple credit cards or would you like to provide a credit card for your children? Then the real-time exam should take place. This ensures that the card is not fully used and you will receive information about every payment process.

If you want, you can also combine it with a final release, so that the payment approval will be made only with a final confirmation from you.

Practical in the family, to enable the children to handle money, but still be in control at all times.

Integration into existing IVR system landscapes and processes


Everyone knows that. You call your service provider. The first is the customer identification. The typical questions are asked.

Problem, it is very simple questions that do not meet today's security requirements. Furthermore, the conversation is once not authorized. A final implementation no longer because a clear confirmation of identity can not be made.

Here we help with Trusted Callid and enable pre-call authentication. Immediately you know who you are and the call can be made on this basis.


With our mAST technology and the underlying PKI it is also possible to sign PDF documents and send them back to the corresponding backend systems. For this purpose, the corresponding document is displayed in the app and the signature is linked by means of an optical input and a digital signature. This ensures that the corresponding document is actually signed by the signer. In addition to the document itself, the signature is also transmitted to the document. Thus, it is detectable which user has signed which document at which time.



Although there are ways to secure payment authorization in e-commerce, but based on SMS, static passwords, or require the use of another app.

With our Trusted Payment, we enable integration of 3D Secure into your existing apps and provide a high level of user convenience for payment authorization.


In addition to the 3D Secure, there is also the possibility of integrating you as a bank into the payment processes of e-commerce. For this purpose, e.g. Migros Bank can authorize payments using our Trusted Payment interfaces within your app.

Download merten driver. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Download Merten InSideControl for iOS to bei InSideControl handelt es sich um eine Applikation von Merten, mit der Sie leicht und intuitiv Ihre KNX-Heimautomatisierungsanlage in Echtzeit.

All you have to do is enter an e-pay number in the online shop, which will initiate a corresponding payment authorization and prompt the user to approve the payment authorization


Trusted Payment goes one step further

In Switzerland, we integrated our technologies together with Migros Bank into the largest retailer Migros in their app.

Coupled with loyalty systems and the existing Advertising app, it offers more than just another payment method.

It is an eco-system from retailer bank that pervades the business suburb of the Migros branches, creating a unique eco-system.



How can I activate a new device without straining the bank processes? For this we offer the possibility of a self-service with the Trusted Chatbot.

In doing so, the user must independently answer questions submitted by the company in the Business Logic System and can independently register and activate his additional apps.

All without the help of the consultant on the other side, or delivery of expensive activation letters.


With our Trusted Chatbot, we are able to implement secure communication with our Business Logic, thus offering a 24-hour user the opportunity to independently reset his / her App password / PIN without any support.

For this we rely on our anonymous and remote activation options. At the start of the application, a secure connection to the KOBIL Security Infrastructure (running at your site) is established. This can then be used to make automatic and risk-based questions to the user. If these are answered correctly, an immediate reset to the highest security level can be realized.



Based on our WLA, we provide our own apps as part of the Trusted Verify and Trusted Webview. On the basis of a branding guide we offer the possibility that the app can be adapted to the optical needs.

The maintenance and further maintenance of the app takes place on this basis at regular intervals and is guaranteed by KOBIL.

The apps can be managed and deployed both on the App Store of our customers and via the KOBIL own App Store.

There are two variants of the WLA BASIC and ADVANCED.

Trusted Webview (Tablet Edition)

Trusted Webview (Desktop Edition)

Components (see calculator)
  1. Server components
  2. Security connectors
  3. Supported platforms
  4. Support & Maintenance
  5. Functions (product)
  6. Functions (AddOn)
  7. Apps
  8. Prof. Services
Pricing Models
  • User Based per Year

    Based on the active users, billing is carried out at the end of each year. The determination takes place via the SSMS. The calculation is based on activated users.

  • Transaction Based

    The license is determined on the basis of the transactions that are determined via the SSMS. This number is multiplied by the agreed license fee at the end of each year.

  • Volume License

    For the volume license, we are talking about a package price for a certain number of users. This will be invoiced when the license is created and allows free use for the defined number of users. A determination at the end of each year does not take place. The increase to a next larger volume package is possible at any time.


KOBIL is offering for trial and proof of concept setups a infrastructure in the cloud. This allows our partners and clients easily to verify the integration efforts on their side. To reduce the efforts we provide a ready to use infrastruture including server instance, SOAP API and dedicated apps.

Expected Know-How on partner/client side
  • SOAP : We will provide SOAP API/Code snippet documentation to connect to our test environment.
  • Web : for the integration into an existing website skill for SOAP integration into website are mandatory.
Standard KOBIL delivery
  • SSMS tenant in the cloud mAST Online Offline
  • Demo Smartphone Apps (available in App stores) Trusted Login Verify
  • Remote SOAP Support and POC management
  • NO QR-CODE Login
Estimation 3 Days
Advanced KOBIL Delivery
  • SSMS tenant in the cloud mAST Online Offline
  • Based on KOBIL Smartphone WLA Apps Branding Trusted Login + QR Verify Webview
  • Based on KOBIL Desktop WLA Apps Branding
  • Remote Support and Project Management
Upon request
Estimation 10-15 Days

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