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Where can I get a driver that works.I can see that there is a driver file, but there is no option that I could instal it.My profiler doesn't connect with Rig ManagerI'm using Mac os 10.11.6. Once you're sober you should download and install the Rig Manager which will give you access to the whole Rig Exchange. Despite the hype the commercial profiles aren't any more realistic, they are however made in nice studios with generally nice equipment by people who have a lot of experience tracking guitar amps, and they've been tweaked by said experienced engineers for a decent on-record.

Download Kemper Photo for iOS to the Kemper Photo Inspection app is for customers who have reported a claim to Kemper and want to submit photos of their vehicle damage for faster.

The header 390plus cuts quickly and thoroughly at a high speed of rotation. 12 cutting rotors permit use with a very wide range of crops – regardless of the row spacing.

9.0 m innovation


The header 390plus cuts quickly and thoroughly at a high speed of rotation. 12 cutting rotors permit use with a very wide range of crops – regardless of the row spacing. Thanks to this row-independent harvesting
technology, the field can be worked from any side, which is particularly important for down crop. The even feeding of the harvested crop lengthwise to the chopper unit, and the tidy bundling in the special step feeder drums, permit full utilisation
of your harvester. The 300plus series offers highest productivity with maximum chopping quality whatever the width of the chopping drum.


The KEMPER 300plus series: Ready for use in any season.


High profitability and a wide range of uses are the marks of the KEMPER headers. Many thin-stemmed crops for animal feed or the production of biogas can be harvested, even under very difficult harvesting conditions, a row-independent harvesting system with fast-running rotors allows uninterrupted cutting over the full working width. The cutting rotors, with exchangeable segments and special scrapers, provide the conditions for the best possible harvest.

Road transport

On course for success

The outer cutting rotors of the 345plus, 360plus and 375plus are hydraulically foldable to a transport width of 3 m. The 390plus is foldable to a transport width of 3.3 m. The transport guard of the 345plusand 360plus is fitted with flashing lights and position lights. From the 375plus on the lighting is intregrated in the fold-in wings.

The low width during transport and the clever folding of the header allow for a perfect view.

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Safe and secure – must be Kemper

It is not only in the f ield that the 300plus series is an innovation: the headers have important advantages on the public roads. The comfort support wheel automatically ensures maximum safety and meets with the most stringent road traffic regulations. The driver has a perfect view of the road. Easy turning and optimised weight also simplify transport. When the machine is folded, two safety covers are automatically put in place an both sides of the machine. The integrated lights are automatically connected, too. Uncomfortable manual attaching and detaching now belong to the past. This helps to save valuable time – the driver does not need to leave the cab. The SPFH is very quickly ready for chopping, which results in increased productivity. The comfort support wheel is o ffered for 8, 10 and 12 row, 300plus series headers for attachment to Claas SPFH.

Integrated lights are automatically connected with an electric coupler.

Fully automatic folding of the two side covers.

The wheel is parked while chopping, no extra weight carried on the header.

Kemper Driver Download Windows 7

Cutting System

Row independent cutting system with high speed cutting rotors and freewheel mechanism. Cuts across the entire cutting width by means of enclosed saw type rotor blades with replaceable segments. Fast rotating cutting rotors also cut under heavy circumstances, for example, weeds or whole crop silage.


Tungsten carbide coated saw type blades, manufactured with quality certification, self sharpening, lower load placed on clutches and transmissions. Available as service set.

The 300plus series features special shaped cleaners. The sharp edged maize stubble is broken up by the cleaners placed under the cutting rotors. This not only protects the tyres of the forage harvester, but also speeds up the decomposition of the stubble.


The bonus in equipment

Stress-free operation – thanks to the automatic row guidance with the new KEMPER Sensor.

The new sensor in the central crop divider assists steering.

A magnet is embedded in the plastic. The black sensor measures the distance and obtains a steering signal.

- Increased working speed thanks to automatic row guidance

- Lower stress on the driver, bringing improved performance

- Full driver-concentration on what is important

- The harvester does not lose its track even when a row is missing

- Innovative software compensates for missing signals

- Low-wear, zero-servicing design of the steering system

Mounted wear plates

The KEMPER solution for optimal power transmission prevents overheating, provides longer service life than standard type clutches - available as a field installed kit.

Over hill and dale – The electro-hydraulic lateral tilt frame

The electro-hydraulic lateral tilt frame provides ideal adaptation to the ground and an even chopping pattern, particularly on hillsides or over stony ground.

The sensor integrated into the crop divider can move vertically and horizontally. Uneven ground or stones cause it to move and generate pulses.

The pulses from the sensor are used by the harvester software to control the hydraulic cylinder in the lateral tilting frame, generating vertical and horizontal adjustments.

- Active ground adaptation and regulation of the attachment height

- Active regulation using a sensor in the outside tips

- Adjustment by hydraulic cylinder

- Consistent harvesting with tall stubbles

- Minimisation of the feed contamination

- Reduced wear costs an less servicing work

Technical specifications

Kemper Driver Download

Driver Download Nvidia


Length: 1.60 m

Width: 9.07 m

Height: 1.40 (2.50) m

Working width: 9.00 m

Transport width: 3.30 m Mitsumi input devices driver download for windows 10 laptop.

Weight: 4.000 kg

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