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Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is teaming up with Jungo to develop a new driver monitoring system for connected cars. The solution will blend ADI’s Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology with Jungo’s CoDriver software platform.

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The in-car cameras outfitted with the new system will improve vehicle safety by tracking head and eye movements to watch for signs of drowsiness and distracted driving. They will also enable face and gesture recognition. The technology will give drivers new ways to interact with their vehicle while delivering a more personal automotive experience. For example, the system can enable ride-sharing payments, or remember an individual’s entertainment preferences.

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Jungo’s CoDriver algorithms leverage machine learning and computer vision to keep tabs on various elements of the cabin. The system monitors the state of the driver, and can determine the number of passengers (and whether or not those passengers are wearing a seatbelt).

  1. Jungo’s unique patented AI technology uses a built in camera (or low cost addon) that analyses faces, eyes, hands, gestures and voice, and enables full control of devices and kiosks by using natural human interaction, without touching screens at all.
  2. Jungo is a ghost town located on Humboldt County Route 55 (former Nevada State Route 49), between Winnemucca, Nevada and Sulphur, Nevada.At one time, Jungo boasted a hotel, store, filling station and blacksmith's shop, though no buildings remain. The town of Jungo is named for Jungo Point, a survey peak located 11 miles away; in 1888, Jungo.

ADI’s 3D ToF LIDAR tech is expected to enhance thosecapabilities.

NETANYA, Israel, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Jungo Connectivity, a leader in driver and occupancy monitoring AI software, was recently granted another patent, growing to a comprehensive 40+ patent.

“The collaboration between ADI and Jungo opens the door tonew and innovative augmented reality applications beyond today’s gesturecontrol,” said ADI Automotive Connectivity and Sensing Product Director VladBulavsky.

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“We are delighted to enable equipment manufacturers tocomply with regulations and innovate in their next-generation vehicles,” addedJungo CEO Ophir Herbst.

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The partnership reaffirms ADI’s interest in the automotive space. The company previously joined forces with B-Secur to develop a driver identification system with the latter’s electrocardiogram (ECG) technology. ADI has also licensed ultrasonic fingerprint sensors from Sonovation.

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Of course, ADI and Jungo are not the only companies working to improve driver automotive safety with more responsive in-car monitoring systems. DriverFocus was one of the key selling points of the Subaru Forester, and Mitsubishi introduced a similar feature when it announced its EMIRAI S concept car in October. Meanwhile, NXP and Momenta are currently working to develop their own Driver Monitoring Systems.

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