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Jolimark MP-220DC Printer Driver. Jolimark FP-630 Printer Driver. Download movie port devices drivers. Ver: DATE. Jolimark FP-630 Pro Printer Driver. Date:: Version: WHQL Driver: Yes Provider: Jolimark Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows XP x64 Windows Vista Windows Vista x64 Windows 7 Windows 7 x64.

TOP > Getting Started > Connecting the Product to a Computer > Installing the Printer Driver > Installing the Printer Driver (Bluetooth)
Confirm that Bluetooth is enabled (initial value) in the [Interface] menu of the product.
Right-click the Bluetooth icon at the lower-right corner of the Windows desktop screen, and select [Add a Bluetooth Device].
Select the product from the search device list and click [Pair].

Jolimark Printers Drivers

The initial value of the device name for the product is 'SATO PRINTER_xxxxxxxxxxxx (BD address)'. You can check and change it on the [Bluetooth] > [Name] on the [Interface] menu of the product.
Enter the passcode for the product and click [Next].
The default passcode of the product is '0000'. You can check and change it on the [Bluetooth] > [PIN Code] on the [Interface] menu of the product.
Open [Devices and Printers], right-click the product added as a Bluetooth device, and select [Properties].
Confirm the port assigned as the [Serial port (SPP)] in the [Services] tab, and click [OK].
Download the printer driver from your local SATO website.
If a user account control message appears, click [Yes] or [Continue].
Select the model of the product and click [Next].
Select [SERIAL (COM)] from the [Select port type] drop down list and click [OK].
In [Serial port], select the port of the Bluetooth device checked in step 8.
Click [OK].
Click [Next].
Click [Install].
When the security warning screen appears, click [Install].
If a security warning screen indicating that another process is blocking access appears, follow the steps on the screen, and click [Next].
Click [Exit] to complete the installation.
Open [Devices and Printers] and confirm that the printer driver is installed.

Jolimark Printer Driver Xerox

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