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Symptom: General

1. Did it work previously? What changed?

2. Will the printer do a Configuration Test Label printout?

5 Driver for Windows. Compatible with ZebraDesigner 2 (v. For use with ZPL, CPCL and EPL printer command languages and/or legacy printers. Find the default login, username, password, and ip address for your Intermec PF4i PM4i router. Setting up a bar code printer with 7.21 Intermec drivers or newer IMPORTANT!! Intermec Computer Printers, Scanners, and Supplies, Skip to page navigation. I am getting a paper fault from USA, Japan. Password, 203 x 203 dpi. What is the most-recent firmware my printer can handle? What is the best firmware for my Intermec EasyCoder printer? What is the latest firmware for my Intermec PA30 print engine? What is the lowest firmware version that can be loaded on PF2i PF4i PM4i PX4i & PX6i printers that are currently running multilevel firmware? How To Troubleshoot Top Of Form Faults With The Datamax-O'Neil Printers. How to add a printer with a Generic / Text Only driver in Windows; What are default passwords on Intermec and Honeywell printers and print servers? How to download and install latest Honeywell print drivers for Datamax-O'Neil; How to troubleshoot media issues on Honeywell.


1. From the OFFLINE READY display, press [MENU]. The display shows:

2. Press [â] or [­á] until the display shows:



3. Press [SELECT]. The display shows:

4. Press [â] or [­­á] until the display shows:


5. Press [SELECT]. The display shows:

6. Press [SELECT]. The display shows:



7. Press [ENTER] to print the configuration test label.

8. To exit from the Service Menu, press [CONTINUE]. The display shows:

9. Turn off the printer. Save the configuration test label for reference when

you install and configure the printer.

1. Press Online/Offline so that the display reads: Offline

2. Press and release the menu panel access door to open the door. From the menu panel, press Menu and then press á or â until the display shows.

3. Press Select and then press á or â until the display shows:


4. Press Select and then press á or â until the display shows:

5. Press Enter to print the configuration test label.

6. Press Cont to return to the OFFLINE READY display.

1. Turn off the printer.

2. Press and hold the Feed/Pause button while you turn the printer on. The

Alert and Empty/Pause LEDs blink during the printer self-test.

3. Release the Feed/Pause button when the media starts moving. The printer feeds out one or two blank labels and then prints the hardware configuration test label.

4. Turn the printer power off and then on again.

3. Make sure the printer’s settings are consistent with the way you intend to use the printer.

Check your printer's manual to make the necessary configuration corrections to your printer.

4. Is the cable correct? Is it connected correctly? Where did you get it?

Be sure that the cable is connected securely to the correct port.

Check the software's help file for correct cable pin-outs.


5. Does the EASYLABEL printer configuration match the actual printer settings?

For serial communications, EASYLABEL uses:

Data Bits: 8

Stop Bits: 1

Parity: None

Also be sure that the baud rate matches between the printer and EASYLABEL.

For information on the correct printer protocol setting, refer to the EASYLABEL help file.

6. Do a hardware reset from the EASYLABEL print queue to return the printer to factory default settings.

  • Enter the EASYLABEL print queue (F2)

  • Highlight the Intermec printer from the list of available printers.

  • Click Printer Status to obtain communications with the printer. This may take several seconds.

  • Once communications are established, click the Hardware Reset button. You will notice the lights on the printer flashing and a label may feed.

  • If you are unable to obtain communications after clicking Printer Status, consult your Intermec manual for information on completing the hardware reset from the printer.

7. Is an Intermec Windows driver or Intermec Printset software installed?

The Intermec Printset software has been known to change settings within the printer that may conflict with the settings in EASYLABEL.

Having an Intermec Windows driver installed can sometimes cause problems when using the internal EASYLABEL Intermec driver. Move the Windows driver to a 'Print to File' port instead of a COM or LPT port.

8. What does it say in EASYLABEL's print queue (F2)?

Please refer to the Print Queue Messages section of this troubleshooter for more information.

9. Is this a local printer or a network printer?

A network printer is connected somewhere on the LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network). Check to see that the proper UNC (Universal Naming Convention) is being used to access the printer.

A local printer is connected directly to the PC that you are using. Check to see if the correct cable is being used and that it is properly secured.

10. Is the printer paused? Is the printer turned on?

Be sure that the printer's power is ON and that it is in an ONLINE state.

Check the printer's display to see if a paused light or message is indicating that the printer is in PAUSE mode. Lacie 1394 driver download.

Intermec Printer Drivers Windows 10

Intermec Printers Driver

Complete this procedure if you are connecting an Intermec printer to two or more workstations via a serial connection. The system supports Intermec printers to print screen labels through either a serial, LPT, or network (NIC) connection to either a print server or a client workstation. Label types include bin labels, receipt labels, control labels, parts transfers, and reports.

  • Tip: If you attach an Intermec label printer to a client workstation, it limits printer access from other workstations and is therefore not recommended. (If a workstation is shut down, for example, all printers attached to it become disabled.) If you attach the Intermec label printer to a print server, it can better accommodate multiple jobs and can remain in operation after workstations are shut down.

Step 1. Connect the printer to the PC through a serial cable.

Step 2. Install the printer drivers from the Intermec CD. (Refer to the Intermec documentation for details.)

Step 3. Start the system.

Step 4. Share the printer.

a. From the Start menu, click Control Panel.

b. Double-click the Printersand Faxes icon, right-click the applicable printer, and then select Properties from the shortcut menu.

c. In the printer window, click the Sharing tab.

d. Click the Shared As checkbox, type LABELS in the Share name field, and click OK.

Step 5. Log in as an administrative user to create a new printer device/queue.

a. Go to System Management -> Setup -> Printers -> Printer Devices/Queues.

b. Click Prepare For Insert .
The screen fields become available for input.

c. Type or select the following options in each field:

  • Printer ID: user defined

  • Description: user defined

  • Printer type:

  • Label or standard: auto-populates when you select the printer type

  • Device/queue name: MACHINE_NAMELABELS

  • Note: MACHINE_NAME is the name of the PC from which the printer is being shared.

d. Select the Send output to client station checkbox.

e. Leave the For messages only checkbox blank.

f. Click Process to update the database.

Step 6. Repeat step 5 for each label printer that you are defining.

Step 7. Add the new printer device/queue to all users who will be printing to the label printer:

a. Go to System Management -> Setup -> AccessRights ->Users.

b. On the Printers tab, filter and retrieve the user IDs to whom you want to grant label printing privileges.

c. Assign the printer (or printers) that you defined in step 5 to the applicable user IDs, and then click Process to update the database.

Step 8. Test the printer using the PR:BIN LABELS screen.

  • Tip: Use the BIN LABEL PRINTER to print bin labels and the Bin Labels report from the Bin Labels screen. Use the RECEIPT LABEL PRINTER to print parts labels from the Quick Orders and Receipts screens, for example.

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