Infineon Network & Wireless Cards Driver

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Infineon’s more than 46,700. people from over 100 countries at over 80 sites worldwide share a common mission: make life easier, safer and greener for generations to come. As part of our team, you can actively create semiconductor solutions that enable smart mobility, efficient energy management, and the secure capture and transfer of data. The Infineon Security Partner Network is a place for security experts to deliver security solutions to providers of connected devices and applications. Shop all products from Infineon Technologies AG. Fast, free and DDP shipping options available. Get free design tools and engineering support. Infineon’s Ongoing Commitment. Infineon endeavors to keep its track record for green-conscious business operations going and has set a carbon neutrality goal as the next step toward protecting the environment. The company also aims to contribute to the targets set out in the Paris Climate Agreement. Infineon Technologies AG designs, manufactures, and markets semiconductors. The Company offers products include power semiconductors, microcontrollers, security controllers, radio frequency.

Our partners are experts in designing products, solutions or services leveraging our components in five key areas:

TLE6250GV33XUMA1 CAN 1MBd Standby 5V Automotive 8-Pin DSO T/RInfineon Network & Wireless Cards DriverDriver

Partners program various types of software, algorithms & operating systems. Moschip driver. Together we enhance our portfolio with complementary products and expand technology know-how.

Partners manufacture electronic components, demo boards & turnkey modules. Together we create and commercialize value-added solutions, while reaching new buyers.

Partners design computer programs for the development of embedded systems. Together we enable a complete and immersive development experience for customers.

Partners provide cloud & engineering services, application support or trainings. Together we build-up engineering capabilities and offer it to a world-class customer network.

Infineon Network & Wireless Cards Drivers


Partners create end-products & related applications. Together we provide customers with state-of-the-art solutions and innovative use-cases.

Infineon Network & Wireless Cards Driver


Networks, servers and IT infrastructure function as the brain and backbone of any IoT system. Though invisible to the naked eye, they have the power to connect devices, equipment and, in some instances, entire factories. Due to the increasing connectivity and dependence on networks, network equipment has become a frequent target for attacks.

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The whitepaper reviews how developers can employ Infineon’s OPTIGA™ TPM and TCG’s TPM Software Stack (TSS) to provide enhanced security to protect network equipment. It describes the concepts and steps that must be understood to achieve the trust and security required for network equipment in commercial, industrial and government networks.