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FCC Certified - Unlike virtually all of our competitors, the SignaLink USB has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Built-in Low Noise Sound Card - This provides optimum performance and frees your computer's existing sound card for other uses. Icom,Global,Land Mobile,Marine,Aviation,Amateur,Receivers,Satellite,LTE,WLAN,IP,Digital,Analog,Radio,Network,D-STAR. Version 1.2 is the USB driver for the current 'B' marked OPC-2218LU. NOTE: The 'B' marked OPC-2218LU is usable with: Microsoft® Windows Vista® (32 and 64 bit) Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32 and 64 bit) Microsoft® Windows® 8 (32 and 64 bit) Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 (32 and 64 bit) Microsoft® Windows® 10 (32 and 64 bit).

Icom Usb Devices Drivers

Icom USB 3.0 Supported

Changes in this version
Windows 10 version 1803 (April 2018 update) is now supported.

System requirements

Icom USB Devices Driver

To install the driver, the following hardware and software are required:


• Microsoft® Windows® 10 (32/64 bit)


• Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 (32/64 bit)* *Except for the “RT” version.

• Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32/64 bit)

• A USB 1.1,2.0, or 3.0 port


• A USB cable


• I com is not responsible for problems using a PC with one of the above OSs installed.

Download lightedge laptops & desktops drivers. • I n this installation guide, the above OSs are described as “Windows 10,” “Windows 8.1,” and “Windows 7.”


• Depending on the length of a 3rd party USB cable, the radio may not operate properly even if it is recognized by the PC. Use as short a cable as possible.

• Depending on the radio, the USB port shape may differ. If you use a 3rd party USB cable, confirm the port shape, before purchasing the cable.

• This guide is based on using a radio with a Mini-B type USB port.

USB driver downloading

The latest driver can be downloaded from here.


Before installation

• When installing the driver, confirm Windows has completed its startup, and then log in as the administrator.

• Confirm no other applications are running.

• When a previous version driver is installed on your PC, the driver name “Silicon Laboratories CP210x USB to UART Bridge (Driver Removal)” is displayed on the Control Panel screen, as shown below. In this case, uninstall it before installing this driver.

• If the earlier version “Windows Driver Package – Silicon Laboratories Inc. (silabser) Ports” is installed, uninstall it manually before installing the latest driver.

After installation

• Uninstalling the USB driver

You cannot uninstall the USB driver for each individual unit. After uninstalling the USB driver, none of the radios that require this driver can be operated with the PC.

• When another radio is connected


The COM port number is automatically added after turning ON the radio’s power.

See “Uninstalling the driver” on page 12 Installation Guide for details.

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The USB driver is not supported by the automatic recognition system, so NEVER connect the USB cable between the radio and the PC until AFTER the USB driver has been installed.

See “Driver installation” on page 3 Installation Guide for details.

• Once the driver is installed, a PC software can be used by just connecting the USB cable.

• Depending on your PC performance (OS, environment, and so on), the USB audio may be interrupted, or a control by the PC software may get delayed.

• If the CPU has a heavy load, the USB audio is easily interrupted.

• The settings of the installed audio player may be changed after connecting the radio to the PC.

• Icom is not responsible for improper operation when connecting the radio and the PC through a USB hub.

About compatible radios

The driver supports the following transceivers and receivers.


Updated 23 July 2018

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