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MOTU Audio Express FireWire/USB Audio Interface at a Glance: Powerful built-in mixer Control CueMix with your iPad. Powerful built-in mixer. Beyond having helpful USB and FireWire connectivity, the MOTU Audio Express has other collaboration-friendly features. One you'll appreciate is the built-in mixer. MOTU is an engineering-driven music technology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are passionately driven to create products that help you produce amazing music. MOTU’s award-winning hardware and software are used by top professionals every day on hit songs, mega tours, primetime shows and blockbuster films.

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Windows 2000 WDM 'XP-ready' Drivers for all MOTU MIDI and Audio Interfaces

We have just posted Windows 2000 WDM drivers for all our MIDI and audio interfaces. This 'across the board' release also paves the way for Windows XP compatibility when it ships later this year. MOTU's new drivers support all of the following I/O formats:

  • Parallel MIDI
  • PCI-324 audio
  • FireWire audio
  • GSIF 'Giga' audio

'MOTU is first to bring WDM FireWire audio to Windows 2000 with our 828 audio interface,' said Jim Cooper, MOTU Marketing Director. 'And MOTU is still the first and only company to ship comprehensive WDM support for USB, Parallel, FireWire and PCI. We're already testing our WDM drivers with Windows XP and we expect to post them on our web site the very day that Windows XP ships.'

MOTU's USB MIDI and PCI-324 audio WDM drivers also provide 'Wave' driver support for Windows 98SE and Windows Me, providing backward compatibility for users who have not yet upgraded to Windows 2000. MIDI applications can access up to 10 MIDI input/output ports under Windows 98SE and Windows 2000, the maximum number of MIDI ports allowed by these two platforms. Windows Me and Windows XP eliminate this barrier, giving parallel MIDI Timepiece-AV users 16 MIDI input/output ports (via two networked AV's) or dozens of MIDI input/output ports via as many MOTU USB interfaces (any model) as their system can handle via a standard USB hub. Each MIDI port provides 16 unique MIDI channels.

MOTU's 828 FireWire audio interface connects to any FireWire-equipped Windows 2000 or Windows Me PC and provides low-latency, plug-and-play 24-bit audio I/O for any WDM-compatible audio application, such as Cakewalk's SONAR software. 'MOTU and Cakewalk have worked closely together to bring FireWire audio to Windows 2000 under WDM, and we're thrilled with the performance and convenience that the MOTU 828 provides SONAR users,' commented Greg Henderschott, Cakewalk's President/CEO.

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'MOTU's Version 2 GSIF driver provides excellent, extremely low-latency performance with all GigaStudio products,' commented Jeff Klopmeyer, Tascam's Marketing Director, in reference to their recent acquisition of Nemesys and the entire GigaStudio line of PC-based sampling products. 'We view MOTU audio interfaces like the 2408mkII as one of the highest-quality, most cost-effective audio I/O solutions for Giga users.'

MOTU WDM/GSIF drivers are now shipping with all MOTU MIDI and audio interfaces. They are also now available for download here

Drivers Motu 1394

Drivers Motu 1394 Driver

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