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MicroPort is an international medical devices company, founded on the belief that every person has the right to high quality medical treatments and to live longer and healthier lives. 'Micro Medical Products is the leading manufacturer and distributor of MICROMED disposable surgical drapes in South Africa.' Our people are committed to going the extra mile to deliver products that our customers love using. LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) is a reflective microdisplay technology based on a silicon backplane. Using standard CMOS processes, microdisplays with extremely small pixels, high fill factor (pixel aperture ratio) and low fabrication costs can be realized.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Full-service contract manufacturer specializing in precision medical devices and assemblies.

Check out our capabilities

Tubing Fabrication


See MICRO's extensive capabilities

Learn how MICRO can lower cost & improve quality

Metal Injection Molding

Offering product development and design assistance capabilities, we excel in prototyping and validation to full-scale production. Utilizing modern manufacturing techniques and innovative engineering solutions, MICRO consistently delivers high quality products to all our customers.

The key to your success is our capability to use our unsurpassed quality and innovative processes to bring your vision to life, from design to production.

Our ISO Class 8 clean room is staffed by highly trained technicians and focuses on precision medical devices, sub-assemblies and components.

Our low cost, high quality tubing solutions are perfect for medical devices and leverage our nearly 75 years of technical expertise and strict quality standards.

Our MIM process is perfect for mass manufacturing of miniature, complex shaped components, giving you greater design freedom without losing quality over volume or scale.


MICRO displays at trade shows across the United States. Visit with us to discuss your next project and check out our capabilities.

Our Next Event

Visit us at MD&M East

Booth # 1638
June 15-17, 2021
Javits Convention Center
New York, NY

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On this page you will find our free of charge specialist PC software products, hardware download components and PC software updates.
These are the currently available downloads:
PC Software Downloads
Hardware Downloads
Software Updates

PC Software Downloads
This page contains our free of charge specialist PC software.

PUMA PC Software

For use with the MicroRPM (Respiratory Pressure Meter) measuring respiratory muscle strength. Drivers micro medical devices
Puma v1.4.2, 21.1 MV
Serial: 120-000-001
Click Here

COBRA PC Software

For use with the MicroCO and BabyCO (Smoking Cessation) measuring carbon Monoxide levels.
Current Version 2.03 (2.03.2, 05/08/2008)
Click Here

CHEETA PC Software

For use with our Spirometry range (Challenge Testing) measuring medication response
Cheeta v2.1.5 (no serial number required)
Click Here
Micro medical ltd

RIDA PC Software

For use with our MicroRINT measuring airways resistance with the interrupter technique.

Drivers Micro Medical Devices

Rida v1.2.1, 20.5MB
Serial: 210-000-001
Click Here

HYDRA PC Software

For use with our MicroH2 range for measuring Lactose Intolerance
Hydra v1.2.8.0, 6.48MB
No serial number required
Click Here

Spirometry PC Software

Upgrade Package - 40MB (Version 2.2, September 2013)
Requires a full installed version of Spirometry PC Software.
Click Here
Full Installation - 202MB (Version 2.2, September 2013)
Contains a complete installation of Spirometry PC Software.

Micro Medical Ltd

Click Here

SPCS to Vmax conversion utility download

For use with SPCS software and Vmax software
V1.6 - Click Here
Hardware Downloads

Drivers Micro Medical Solutions

Please find below our free of charge hardware download components which enable the downloading of updated software for our products.

CareFusion Upgrade Utility - v2.0 (05/01/2011)

Micro Medical Technologies

file size 9 MB - Click Here

Upgrade Firmware on Micro Medical range of CareFusion Units.

Compatible with:

  • MicroLoop
  • MicroLoop MK8
  • MicroLab
  • MicroLab MK8
  • SuperSpiro MK2
  • SpiroUSB
  • PulseTrace 1000
  • Pulse Trace PCA2
  • MicroFeNO Transducer, via MK8

Requires an internet connection to receive firmware updates.
This application requires Microsoft.Net 2.0. It is recommended that you keep your computer up-to-date using Microsoft Windows Update to ensure you have the latest security fixes and compatibility updates.

MM Backup Utility - Current Version v1.3.0 (17/12/2007)

file size 13.5 MB - Click Here

Back up and restore valuable data from Micro Medical Units.

Compatible with:

  • MicroLoop
  • MicroLab
  • MicroLab MK8
  • MicroLoop MK8
  • SuperSpiro MK2
  • PulseTrace 1000
  • Pulse Trace PCA2

PLEASE NOTE: This utility is currently not compatible with Microsoft Vista

USB Driver

Option 1 (32 bit)
Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Version 2.00.1
File size: 510kb
Click here to download

Option 2 (64 bit)
Compatible with Windows XP, x64, Windows Vista x64, and Windows 7 x64.
Version 2.00.1
File size: 592kb
Click here to download

MicroLab MK8 PIN Reset Application

Current Version v1.0.0.2, August 2007
file size 1.35 MB - Click Here

Resets a forgotten PIN on a MicroLab MK8 device.
Connects to the Micro Medical Website to authorise the PIN reset.

Please contact Micro Medical Support first to enable the authorisation.
Requires an internet connection

MicroDiary Configuration Utility

Current Version v2.2
File size 159Mb - Click here

Micro I Configuration Utility

Drivers Micro Medical Solutions

Current Version v1.0
File size 98Mb - Click here

Software UpdatesMicro medical spirometer
Please find below our free of charge software updates.
Drivers Micro Medical

Spida 5 - Spirometry Database (Upgrade Only, requires a valid installation of Spida 5)

Current Version - (, 07/01/2009) Drivers lumens digital optics cameras.

Want to know what's new with Spida 5? Check out the Version History

Download the Spida 5 upgrade in the language you require below:

Chinese - 19 MB

Deutsch - 19 MB

Dutch - 19 MB

English U.K. - 19 MB

English U.S. - 19 MB

Español - 19 MB

Français - 19 MB

Drivers Micro Medical Practice

Italiano - 19 MB

Russian - 19 MB

Svensk - 19 MB

Portuguese - 19 MB

Japanese - 24 MB (version

Polish - 19 MB

Taiwanese - 19 MB

Spida5 to Vmax conversion utility download

For use with Spida 5 software and Vmax software

V1.6 - Click Here

Pulse Trace - PCA2 Upload software

DOES NOT work with Windows 7

Current Version 1.5.1 (13/03/2007)

Standard Micro Medical Variant - 6.72 MB - Click Here

Orkan, Cardio Check Variant - 4.79 MB - Click Here