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Afinia L801 Memjet Colour Label Printer. Afinia Label L801 – Print Eye-catching Product Identification Labels on Demand. Ideal for short- to mid-run product identification and inventory labeling, the Afinia Label L801 colour label printer delivers high impact, full color labels at speeds of 60 feet per minute. Our OEMs use Memjet’s modular print technology to quickly develop printing solutions. With high-speeds, up to 1600 dpi quality, and full variable data, these solutions open up new markets and opportunities for commercial printers. VP750 Industrial Color Label Printer. Building on field proven technology and Memjet Ultra Fast Inkjet Technology, the VP750 combines the performance and reliability of our bestselling VP700 with Enhanced Water Resistant Printing technology to produce vivid color labels with crisp text and barcodes. Powered by Memjet® printing solutions give your customers a way to produce precise, beautiful, and brand-enhancing materials. The customization and personalization of these materials increases emotional engagement, boosts brand status and reduces total printing costs through supply-chain optimization and waste reduction. Address 630 Lively Blvd Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. Hours Monday—Thursday: 7:00AM–4:00PM Friday: 7:00AM–2:00PM.

MACH 8 Digital Color Document Printer

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Key Features:

- 60 pages/min
- Full bleed capability for up to 8.5' x 14' documents
- 5,000 single sheet feeder capacity
- Automatic Capping & Cleaning Station
- Five 250 mL ink tanks (CMYKK)
- Optional Automatic High Capacity Output Stacker

The MACH 8 digital color printer incorporates the innovative inkjet technology from Memjet® which has made the MACH 5 color printer so successful. The MACH 8 specializes in high-volume document printing, with a high-capacity feeder and optional automatic output stacker (MACH 8S). You get high volume production color at inkjet cost.

This machine produces beautiful print quality and impressive throughput speed. The MACH 8 is capable of printing 1600 x 800 dots per inch print quality while printing 12 inches per second and 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution at 6 inches per second, reaching speeds of 60 letter size pages per minute! Memjet technology gives the MACH 8 the ability to do this with its stationary printhead that has over 70,000 jet nozzles. To top it off, the affordable 250 ml ink tanks enable you to print long runs for maximum efficiency.

Print letters, legal documents, cut sheet labels, invoices, proposals and more in full color, affordable style. Any 8.5” x 11” document can have color running off the edges of the page — that means no more white borders!

Better yet, the MACH 8’s most remarkable feature is the ability to print up to 5,000 pages (10 reams) continuously. You won’t have to stop to reload the paper. The unique high-capacity feeder mechanically moves up and down to accommodate the amount of paper that is loaded before a job is printed. The automatic output stacker does the same as it adjusts itself to catch the output of the job.

Kworld input devices driver. What is Memjet?
Memjet is a new concept in inkjet printing for labels and other flexible materials. Unlike previous generation inkjet printers, where the printhead has to move across the labels, the Memjet head is stationary and applies ink to the label material as it moves past.
For a long time there has been a lot of interest in being able to produce high quality coloured labels right at the time they are needed. Memjet promises to make this finally possible.

Will Memjet work with my existing labels?
Unless the labels are specially made for inkjet printing, the chances are that they will not work on a Memjet printer. Indeed, from the testing we’ve done, not all inkjet labels will print well in these printers.
We have a range of label materials that we have tested and proven to work well on the Memjet printers. You can be confident that these will give excellent results. If you need to use any other label materials, we’ll be happy to test them on our printer to make sure they are compatible.
If you buy your Memjet labels from ID Technology, you will have the assurance that they have been thoroughly tested to perform correctly with the Memjet printers.

What is the resolution of the Memjet printer?
The Memjet printer has 1600 dots per inch across the printhead. In the direction of label feed, the resolution can be set to be 800 or 1600 DPI.

How fast will the Memjet printer print my labels?
Current Memjet printers operate at either 6 inches per second (at 1600 x 1600 DPI resolution) or 12 inches per second (at 1600 x 800 DPI). We have found that the slower speed/higher resolution gives noticeably better ink coverage.

How much will each printed label cost me?
Our VP700 printer comes with a utility that calculates exactly how much ink is used to print a particular label format. It allows the user to enter the cost per liter of ink and the program will show the actual cost of ink used to print that label.

How quickly does the ink dry?
If you are using compatible labels with your printer, the ink is dry just about instantly. In the event your labels are not Memjet compatible, the ink will probably never dry.

What are the largest and smallest labels I can print on my Memjet printer?
The Memjet printer can print on labels as large as 8.5 inches wide and down to 2 inches wide. Our VP700 is designed to handle a roll of labels up to 8 inches in diameter.

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Note that Memjet printheads are often stacked to produce wide-web digital label presses, but that’s not really what we are looking at here.

Can I use Memjet for GHS labeling?
While the colour print from Memjet is great for printing those Pictograms on GHS compliant labels, the inks used are not going to be compliant with the durability demands of BS5609. If you need to meet this requirement and want to use Memjet, you’ll need to apply a clear over-laminate to the label to protect the print.
An alternative to Memjet for GHS labeling is to use our VP495 printer which uses pigment based inks. These are capable of meeting BS5609 as long as our approved label material is specified.

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Are all Memjet printers basically the same?
To some extent, yes. While there are a number of manufacturers selling Memjet based printers, they all use the same printing module that is sourced from Memjet. This comprises the label feed mechanism, the ink management system, the printhead, electronics and the cutter module. OEM manufacturers take this Memjet assembly and build their machine around it.
If you look at the machines on the market, there are a number of different form factors and interfaces, but the underlying concept is identical.

Can I buy the ink at Staples as I do for my HP printer in the office?
No, the ink cartridges for Memjet printers contain in inks specially formulated to use in the Memjet machines and are only available (at least at the moment) from your equipment vendor. The inks are in 250 ML bottles and the Memjet printer uses 5 of them, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and 2 Blacks. CMYKK.

Can I use my existing label software?
In the case of our VP700 printer, yes you can. Others will depend on the driver type that is supplied with the machine. All the printing I’ve done has been done using BarTender label design software, although the Windows driver that comes with the VP700 allows printing from any Windows application.

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How can I find out if Memjet is right for me?
Talk to us at ID Technology. We’ll discuss what you are looking to do and help you decide if a Memjet printer makes sense or if there is a better way to reach your objective.
If Memjet looks good, we can make you some test prints on our VP700 so you can see the quality and test the durability. We provide you with a video of your tests being printed and a comprehensive quotation showing everything you’d need to get started.

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Why ID Technology?
As one of the biggest label manufacturers in North America, we know label printing – we do it everyday in six different locations. We’ve checked out all the Memjet printers before deciding to partner with VIPColor and sell their VP700.
By purchasing your Memjet printer from us, you have access to all our expertise as well as our support team located all over the USA and Canada. We’ll get your printer installed, help you get up and running and train your people. That’s the IDT Advantage!
Want to get started? Great – give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237 and I’ll get you in touch with an IDT specialist in your area. You can also contact our main office at [email protected]

Happy Memjetting!

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Oh, Memjet is a registered trademark of Memjet IP Holdings Ltd.