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After a period of use, I found still running the 4.0.4 stable version 4.1.2 should update the post.
– Update the recovery line go back
– Update link file original rom 4.0.4 (file format *. bin offline)
After a few days of use, has successfully installed the original rom recovery and back ups offline (without using the Upgrade Manager KT Tech to update online.) For more information, readers can refer to all KT Tech line okay here before The necessary steps for KT phone Tech KM-E100 to install recovery
1. Usb drivers installed on its computers are root If not then you can skip this step, because the 2-step video instructions of the machine Root had your driver guide. Link1: .kr/cscenter/download05.asp or here: After download, unzip, run the file to install KTTechInstaller.exe.
2. Root machine Follow the detailed instructions of the one you have posted:

Download tool to root (driver installation file available):
or here:
After download, unzip, run KTTechInstaller.exe file to install the driver (if not already). Restart the computer. Running StartRooting.bat and follow the instructions.
– Computer drivers installed
– Phone USB debugging mode is turned on and the Unknown sources to allow installation (turned on by default)
– usb cable is plugged between the PC and phone. Do not disconnect while offline root.
– Telephone normal run (kicked off)

3. Install recovery (CWM) Download the tool taken from KT Tech Upgrade Manager (online upgrade has removed the file, and add files recovery can go back lines), link: -E100_UpgradeManager.rarDownload and unzip. Go to Start Run (Windows key + R) type cmd -> command line window appears. Type the command cd . Eg: cd D: KM-E100_UpgradeManager – Step 1: put the phone in bootloader mode In command line window: typingadb reboot bootloader Note: The above command only active when the phone boots and usb cable plugged into the computer. Maybe in bootloader mode when the phone is turned off by pressing the Volume Up + Power button 2 Now the phone will show the green circle, and a USB letters … at the bottom. – Step 2: installing recovery In the command line window: type the command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img After successful notification (success). Then reboot your phone by typingfastboot reboot. pair Booted phone then type the command adb reboot recovery so to see recovery. It can be in recovery mode from the phone (without a PC) using the program ROM manager -> select Reboot into Recovery * Up offline root rom 4.0.4 Method 1: flash original bin file – Step 1: download file bin original At 2 file download link on modem_M.binand android_sign_A.bin Copy 2 files on shared folders on the toolkit I was up in the (in file folder containing adb.exe and fastboot.exe 2
Step 2: put the phone in bootloader modeThis step is similar to the Recovery Step 1 above to proceed.
– Step 3:flash bin fileFlash filemodem.binagoIn the command line window: typingfastboot flashall modem.bin(if the above does not work you can use commandfastboot flash modem modem.bin)Then flash fileandroid_sign_A.binIn the command line window: typingfastboot flashall android_sign_A.bin (if the above does not work you can use the command fastboot flash system android_sign_A.bin) Note :After the flash file, can be restarted at the boot screen.The fix is simple reinstall the recovery and clear cache, factory reset is.
2: use recoveryDownload zip file at: -11- CWM recovery to restore in on you next time.Note: the file to recovery is already in the mod back then (more so takewiz)then reboot phone, will long Where more than the load times.Continue calm the lighter.Then continue fiddling with the OS confidently without fear of damage ahead.Additionally in are many other rom, for anyone who loves fiddling.In​​rom also contains many other firms.

Drivers Kt Tech Inc. Modems

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Device:KT Tech Inc. HS USB Modem Drivers Installer
File Size:1.12 Mb
Supported OS:Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
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