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This device driver pack will install drivers for Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver for the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system.This driver is also compatible with the following products:Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver. Step 1: First, extract the downloaded ZIP-file on your PC and open extracted folder to install the SPD driver. Step 2: Spreadtrum USB Driver setup is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit. Step 3: Double click to run.exe file and follow the screen instructions by click Next Next Finish. Method 2: Manual Installation. In this situation, you have to install the USB Driver manually on your computer. So, follow the below process step by step carefully. First, download the manual installation driver files. Extract the USB driver files on your computer. Right-click on Start icon and open Device Manager. In Device Manager select Action. Htc others driver download for windows 10 32-bit. Select Add legacy hardware. Disconnect all USB devices and then perform the following steps: In reply to DeanP’s post on February 25, According to the ATMEL discussion groups, this driver sometimes doesn’t install correctly on the 1st attempt, needs to be removed and re-installed. Jungo Connectivity Driver – Microsoft Community.

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This is a step-by-step guide on how to install Spreadtrum (SPD) USB drivers manually on a Windows PC. Drivers are required for Spreadtrum flash tools to detect your device. This guide covers both SCiU2S and ADB drivers installation even though flash tools typically need only the former.

Why do I need to manually install Spreadtrum USB drivers

Drivers that come in executable (.exe) format are easy to install just be running the installer then following the Wizard. The problem is that some drivers come in setup information (.inf) format and might be unsigned. In such a situation, you would need to manually install the driver from Device Manager.Usb


Drivers Jungo USB Devices

  • Download SciU2S Android USB Spreadtrum Drivers
  • Download SCI android usb driver jungo v4
  • Disable driver signature verification enforcement if using a Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 PC
  • Setup ADB
  • Spreadtrum phone

Steps to manually install Spreadtrum drivers on a Windows PC

Follow the steps below to manually install Spreadtrum USB drivers on your desktop PC

See the video tutorial below or @
  1. Unzip SCI android usb driver jungo v4 to get its content
  2. Open the SCI-android-usb-driver-jungo-v4 folder > x64 (if you're using a 64 bit PC) or x86 (if you're using a 32 bit PC)
  3. Launch DPInst.exe and follow the driver installation Wizard
  4. Unzip the SciU2S Android USB Spreadtrum Drivers zip file to get its content
  5. In Windows, go to Control Panel and open Device Manager
  6. Click any of the device groups (any of the items on the list) you see there, then from Action menu at the top, select Add legacy hardware
  7. The Add hardware wizard will be launched, click Next
  8. Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced) and click Next
  9. Click Have Disk..
  10. Click Browse.. and locate your driver's .inf file is, then select it (Spreadtrum Drivers > SciU2S > x86/x64 for 32bit/64bit PC respectively > driver > SciU2S.inf)
  11. Click Open and OK. You will see the drivers listed
  12. Select your driver (SCI Android USB2Serial) then click Next
  13. Click Next
  14. Click Finish
  15. Your drivers should now appear on the list. Repeat the procedure for Spreadtrum Drivers > google-usb_driver > android_winusb.inf
  16. Go to C: / Users/your-user-directory/.android/adb_usb.ini and open with any text editor like notepad or notepad++ (if you can't find the file then download it @ and place it in the directory)
  17. Add the following on a new line (This is Spreadtrum's USB Vendor ID)
  18. Connect the phone to PC without battery inside (switched off is fine if battery is not removable) and Windows will install some additional drivers

Important Notice
  • If after installing the above driver the phone still isn't detected, uninstall all SPD drivers using USB deview then download and install SCIUSB2SERIAL
  • If you get the code 10 error after the installation, simply ignore it and proceed. You're only getting that error because the driver is not digitally signed
  • Some Spreadtrum tools require you to specify Spreadtrum vendor ID for detection to happen so do not miss this step
  • Some tools require specific versions of SPD drivers (depending on the device) so ensure to get familiar with manual driver installation
  • Spreadtrum devices often require a boot key when connecting for flashing so connection / detection issues don't necessarily mean the drivers don't work
  • Sometimes, you might still not get detection despite having installed SPD drivers. In such cases, try updating the Spreadtrum drivers specifically what the device gets detected as in Device Manager
  • You should only disable driver signature enforcement when installing unsigned drivers

Video Transcript
Quote:In this video tutorial, I'll be explaining how to manually install Spreadtrum USB drivers on your Windows PC. Now, before you begin this. we're going to be using the manual method which means not the regular exe installation method which you're probably used to. We'll be using a manual method. before you can manually Install drivers on your Windows, you need to know whether or not the driver is digitally signed Now, if it has a digital signature, Windows definitely allows you to install it but if it is not signed, You're most likely going to get an error or not even be allowed to install such drivers.
That means you need to disable your signature verification. For Windows 7, you can install drivers without necessarily having to disable that setting but for Windows 8 (and above), you're not allowed to install unsigned drivers so what you can do is to disable signature check or verification to allow you install the drivers. Now, for the guide, you can check for it on our Youtube videos or you can check our website for how to disable signature verification on Windows 8 and above. I will not be doing that for this tutorial to keep things as brief as possible After disabling signature verification, you now get your drivers folder here.
Extract the folder from the zip file I will cross-check to show you there's no exe file here so there's no way to use an installer. Its manual method as I earlier said. To install manually, you'll have to open device manager. I'll come to the search bar [searching] [dragging window] Alright! What you'll want to do next is just highlight any item then click the Action tab - Add legacy hardware You'll get a Wizard, just click Next. I will not be searching online for the driver. I already have that on my so I'll just tick this second option which is to select the driver manually from my PC (Advanced) and then Next here you just click Next.
Now, I'm going to load the .inf file manually from my PC so just click Have Disk At this point, you're going to load the .inf file. I'll go back to the Hovatek folder so you see what I'm doing. Now, this is the Spreadtrum drivers folder I'd extracted earlier on so I'll just open it. Go to the SciU2S folder depending on your PC's architecture, you select this (x86) if its 32-bit and this (x64) if its 64-bit. I'm using a 64-bit Windows 8 PC so I'll just go with the 64 bit folder. I open the driver folder and here is my driver (SciU2S). If you look down here, you can see its a .inf file. I highlight it then (click) Open. click OK.
You can see the warning I mentioned earlier on (this driver is not digitally signed) which means normally if you didn't disable that settings, you would not be allowed to go beyond this point. Since I earlier disabled the signature verification settings for my Windows 8, I'll be able to proceed with the installation. click Next. I click Next to begin the installation. Alright! My drivers are installed. Now, most people tend to have a question about this particular point of the installation. Especially this The device cannot start (Code 10) Now, when you get an error Code 10 on a Windows PC, it basically tells you that the driver might not work not necessarily that the driver will not work, it 'might' not work.
Its either the driver you've installed is not compatible with your PC or it is not signed. In this case, the driver is not signed. For that reason, Windows tends to believe that an unsigned driver is probably not safe or good for you. that's why you're getting the error code 10. You might still be able to use the driver normally on your PC and everything will work just fine even with this code 10. If you have the code 10 and your drivers are still not working then you might need to consider some other steps which is beyond the scope of this tutorial but just know that this code 10 when installing an unsigned driver doesn't necessarily mean the driver won't work, its because driver is unsigned so just proceed with your flashing or whatever you want to do with the drivers. Do not panic.
At this point, I'm done. I click Finish. I also want to install the Google USB driver so I come here. Add legacy hardware just the same procedure we went through the first time. Next - Have Disk.This time around I'll be loading my drivers from the Google USB folder (Google usb driver). I just select android_winusb.inf and (click) Open. Ok when I'm done. Same thing, not digitally signed. Need to disable signature verification to go beyond this point Click Next to install. Installed, the same code 10. Click Finish. So basically, that is how to install your Spreadtrum drivers on your Windows PC. If I scroll down, I'll see my Spreadtrum (drivers). here they are That's basically how its done.

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