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Windows device driver information for Initio INIC-941 PCI SCSI Host Adapter

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The Initio INIC-941 PCI SCSI Host Adapter is created and manufactured by AdvanSys. The majority of the IDE/ATA hard disks are operated by incorporated IDE controllers that are embedded into the chipset on the motherboard. The Initio INIC-941 PCI SCSI Host Adapter is not, for the most part, controlled by built-in motherboard SCSI controllers, even though several are and this is growing in popularity. The majority of the systems need the addition of a special card which serves as the interface between the PCI SCSI host adapter and the personal computer. This device is known as a PCI SCSI host adapter, or alternately a host bus adapter. It is often time called SCSI controller or even just a SCSI card, though these are technically wrong names. They are not precise because SCSI is a systems-level interface, and each device on the bus has its own controller. Sensibly, the host adapter is just a SCSI device like any other. Its task is to act as the gateway between the SCSI bus and the internal PC's I/O bus. London drugs driver download.